Saturday, 3 March 2012

Well I was at work today so I didn't get down to the plot but spent the evening fiddling about with the blog, trying to make it look a bit more professional and a little less childish (so not like me at all). I have realised that I am at work again tomorrow so I hope the weather isn't too good otherwise I will feel cheated, although I hope the weather is fine for everyone else, it can just rain or snow on my plot.

It will have to be Monday or Tuesday at the plot now, but I have also had time to amend my plans so that I should know what I am doing there now. I may get to sow some seeds in my greenhouse tomorrow if I don't get home too late. Bit early I know but I still have my bubblewrap up so it might be warm enough in there, and being this far south everything gets going very early.

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