Friday, 16 March 2012

Sowing seeds.

It wasn't very warm today so I didn't go down the allotment, instead I spent the day in the garden. There was a lot to do, clearing up all the bits I missed in Autumn. Some of the plants I bought last year didn't look alive even though they were supposed to be hardy. Pulled one of them up and discovered new roots so took a closer look and it seems like there are buds at the base but when I did the finger nail test it looked dead. So I have cut the tops off the rest of them hoping they will regrow from the bases.

I mowed the lawn and pulled up all the weeds. I then decided to check everything in the greenhouse. Oh *@!# the mice are back. Now they can't get to the potatoes they have gone for the sweetcorn, not a single seed left, and the french and runner beans, all gone. Never had this before. Had to go down the shops and buy some of those lids for the trays, did have loads last year but somehow I can't find them. I haven't a clue where I put them after tidying up the greenhouse last year.

I need to go and buy some more sweetcorn seed, there wasn't enough left in the packet to re-sow all the pots. Atleast they didn't get to the peas, nor did they get to the new potatoes that I bought to replace the ones the mice ate before. I must have some very fat mice by now. That then reminded me to fill the bird feeders.

I have bought Patty's Plum Poppy which I have kept in a pot but I think I will plant it out into the border, I have a plant I don't like much which I think it can replace. Will need to buy some new strawberry plants too as a lot of them have died over winter.


  1. Many perennials die down completely over winter - don't dig anything else up just yet!

    Our garden lawns and allotment paths had their first mow this year too!

  2. Hi Liz, I've gotten caught up with your allotment adventures and my, you have been busy! Well done! All I can say is, listen to Sue :) I've really learned a lot from her. Cheers, Jenni