Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 8

Why is it everything goes so smoothly in plans. We make plans for this and lists for that thinking we won't forget the little things and never think about the big ones. Well that was what today consisted of. I had made a lovely plan of the plot, taking into consideration the size, where the water was and of course where the sun would be during the summer. All well and good. Of course not. In practise all the best made plans go to waste. Now to adapt them all.

First off I hadn't really considered the size of the wood I had chosen to use for raised beds. Fun, not. Got to B&Q to buy the wood, getting no help from staff to get it down from 5ft up, mmm I think this should have warned me things were not going to be easy. After managing to get down 4 planks 3.6m long (12ft) and getting them to stay on the very short trolley I then had to negotiate the store. Narrow isles were not too difficult but why oh why do they have to put boxes of stock at the end of every one. After taking 5 of these and some loft insulation with me I finally got to the checkout. Thought I'd use the self serve as it was wider....BIG MISTAKE. After scanning, yes you guessed it, "please place your purchase on the scales", yeah right. Now this is where the only staff member came to help, a woman (go girls)! Not to help with the wood but just over rode the till so I didn't have to put anything on the scales. So I paid and went to leave but, typical men, one didn't want to wait and tried to get past me. That was his mistake, down he went. Suppose at least it gave me a laugh for the day.

Now after negotiating the store I get to the car. I don't have a roof rack but I do have a long car (CR-V) and of course it's not long enough. Now this is where the wonderful male staff rush to help...NOT! Instead they sit there watching, quietly laughing. But I AM WOMAN. Ha! I get in the car and open the sunroof. In goes the wood, out through said sunroof. Yes!!! Now, off to the plot.

Why is it that everytime you drive down a one lane path someone always wants to come down the other way. And it's usually a man. He very nicely reversed back but, oh dear, it's Mr talk-a-lot. He stops for a chat. 1 hour later and I am finally able to get on with getting the wood out of the car and starting my raised beds. Now I've worked the size out, it was cheaper to buy 2 3m planks and saw them in half, then use the 3.6m planks for the length. I get sawing. It doesn't look right. Get tape measure out, it's not 3m, I get an extra 6cm for nothing, ok. So now I have one sawn plank 1.5m and one 1.56m, ah ha! It's not going to get me because I AM WOMAN. Saw the next one, get another 1.5m and 1.56m, so lets put the same size pieces together. All nice and neat, but, yes you guessed it, KNACKERING (my favourite word at the moment).

Now 2 nice raised beds all knocked together with nails looking nice. I wish. Plot slopes, didn't think of that, beds slope. Thinking it doesn't look great and I also have a large bit at the top where 2x 12ft and a 2ft path do not equal 30ft, 4ft space doing nothing. So this is when the brain wave happens, amend plans, turn the beds around. So now I will have 4 beds going up the plot instead of 2. I AM WOMAN. Looks good even if I only have 2 beds in at the moment. Will need to amend plans on how much wood I need to buy.

So here you go, my 2 lovely raised beds already for planting.

I will try and get the other 2 beds done at the top of the cultivated bit next so I can get started digging over the rest of the plot.

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  1. Pester them to help at B&Q - I do! If not knock over a few stands and a few assistants if necessary. Good job with the beds!