Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 13

It started out rather cold today and I really didn't feel like going down to the plot but I know I have a lot of work ahead of me so I made myself go. It doesn't help that my knee is still not right but I have got a bandage on it for support and have been using Iburofen gel on it to help with the swelling, it's not too bad but still "clicks" when I bend it.

So I waited until about midday then set off to B&Q, more wood and nails (I know I should be screwing the beds together but my battery screwdriver isn't charging and I'm not doing that by hand) I also got more potting compost so I can sow some more seeds in the greenhouse.

Two more beds edged with wood now and I have enough wood to make a compost bin which I may make tommorrow. I also planted my potatoes. I think this may be a bit early but others there have planted theirs so I have now done mine. I made the row as deep as my spade and put them in then covered them with the fresh manure, watered them and raked back the soil. So me and Mr talk-a-lot have a competion on. We are going to see if the fresh manure works better than his fertilizer he bought. I have never grown potatoes like this before, I have always grown them in bins in the garden and have never had good reults.

Back home in the greehouse I have had no more problems with mice. My tomatoes, sweetcorn and peas are all sprouting and the runner beans are just starting, there is no sign of the french beans yet. They look all snug in my origami pots that I made. They are great pots, so much easier to fill then the toilet rolls that I used to use. A friend sent me a link to the site where it showed you how to make them and I spent a whole afternoon with several newspapers making some. It was very relaxing. I have some more newspapers and will be making some more pots so I can put broccoli and cabbages in them. My tomatoes are going to stay at home so I can make sure they get watered and I will also grow my lettuce here too. I am using the plot to grow veg for my dog and will plant things that take longer to grow. I need to start thinking about the squashes I need to plant for her too.

These paper origami pots will disintegrate once planted out and are very easy to make.

The link above will take you directly to the instructions if you were interested. I'm off to make some more now.

I'm getting there.