Monday, 19 March 2012

Day 12

Got down to the plot today, didn't really get much done from the look of it but I did have a bonfire to get rid of more of the rubbish and brambles and I also got another bed dug over.

I met the allotment managers there, one of the other plot holders is giving his plot up and it's a nice one, she wanted to know if I knew anyone who might want it. Great, if I had waited a couple of months I could have had it. Instead I have an overgrown, undug for many years plot, number 7. Never mind, I like where mine is and I'm enjoying working on it. There will definitely be a sense of satisfaction at the end of the season when it's all dug, planted and I'm harvesting. It will have been all my own hard work, blood, sweat and tears (and plenty of thorns in my fingers and blisters on my hands).

I did ask about carrot fly and potato blight, she said they had never had carrot fly but they did suffer from potato blight on occasion. I am hoping the later will not happen this year as the forecast is for a very dry summer, damp is usually the major cause of blight. The only thing she said I really had to watch out for was the birds. Apparently they destroy everything. It explains why most people have their plants growing under cages, not just their fruit but everything else too.

My knee is still giving me problems, thought it would be better by now. Don't know what is wrong with it, it feels a little bit swollen and I can't use it to get up with, feels a bit weak. I have been trying to rest it but with the plot, work, the dog and Dale that's impossible.


  1. You need some anti-inflammatories.

    You'll feel so much better about clearing your plot; let the nice one pass you by!!!

  2. No carrot fly - that's very lucky.

    I must admit before our site became very well populated we never suffered pests either or blight but it seemed that as soon as all the plots were taken and being gardened the pests moved in!

    AS for taking on an overgrown plot - on the plus side the plot is likely to be very fertile not having been used for a while. When we took over an overgrown plot the crops for the first year or two were huge.

    Can't believe that you haven't a waiting list for your site!