Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 10

Now into double figures. On the way home after work last night I spotted bags of manure by the stables and stopped very quickly to grab them, usually I miss getting them as they are normally all gone by the time I get there. I will take some carrots and apples for the horses when I return the bags. If the pile was easier to get to I would help myself, maybe I ought to suggest this to the owners next time I see them. Any way I got 5 small bags worth, this should be enough for now, and drove home. Now it had been a long day at work and I was tired so decided to leave the bags in the car and take them down the plot today. Well it was all windows down the whole way there, it stank. Yes it's fresh manure, not the well rotted stuff that doesn't smell, but this is what I want. It is to go into a trench with my potatoes, I recently read this was the way to do it, so that is what I am going to do this year, if it doesn't work I won't be doing it again.

Whilst I was there and the weather was nice, very nice, I finished digging the bed I had started. I then went round the edges of the next bed ready to dig over tomorrow. It looks like I am getting there. The test will be the last row as that is covered in bramble and nettles so the roots are going to be bad. So first bed of second row dug.

Sowed some peas in the greenhouse and bought some sweetcorn seeds. Really need to get on with sowing all the veg I need but whilst the weather is this good I need to dig.


  1. I never knew you could use fresh manure with spuds. I was going to rot mine down (my horse manure, obviously) and use it next year. There's hope after all!

    1. In March's Kitchen Garden magazine there was an article on manure, it said fresh manure can be placed in the trench with your potatoes to get higher yields. Also use on top of beds in autumn, cover with black polythene and it should have broken down by spring. I do hope they are right as I'm going to try it this year. Will let you all know if it works or if it is really the wrong thing to do. I also hope they mean horse manure.