Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 7

I finally managed to reach the side of the plot. 30ft length now dug, about 12ft wide. It looks like such a lot has been dug over, until I turn round and see how much more needs doing. So for the moment I'm keeping my back to it. That isn't going to be difficult as I now have to start digging across it so it expands slowly down to the brambles, always walking on the undug bit.

So now I'm going to go down B&Q to get some wood so that I can mark out some beds. I'm going to get 2 beds in along the short side, so will hopefully get them in on Friday. I think I might mark out the other beds and only dig these bits over, don't really see the point in digging over the paths between the beds, I have carpet I can put down to supress the weeds and then purhaps put bark chips on top to hide it. I think this will save me a lot of time as it has already taken me ages to dig this bit over. I might feel like I'm getting somewhere then.

The man on the plot next door turned up again today. He doesn't stop talking, spent an hour talking to me stopping me getting the digging done. Would have been home much earlier if he'd left me alone, or only talked to me for a short while. There is enough to do, but I shouldn't moan because he did cut the brambles down for me in the first place (for which I am greatful).

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  1. I'd certainly not dig paths as you are not only wasting time but you wouldn't have firm pathways. Take care using carpet as someone had used this on our plot and when we took it on lots of the fibres - presumably the wool had rotted. The rest had broken into fragments that were difficult to remove.