Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day 5

Totally knackered today. My back is aching and I got stung, for the first time ever, by stinging nettles. Normally I'm immune to them, it's going down quickly though so no worries. The thing I normally have to worry about is any thing with thorns, you can pretty much guarantee I will get myself all scratched up as well as getting pricked on the fingers.

My son won't come with me, too much like hard work, but when I got home he had done the ironing and put the washing out (time to faint), it reminded me of the time I was at work late and he texted me to say he'd cooked his dinner, cheese on toast, trouble was when I got home I found out he had put the cheese on the bread, toasted the cheese then turned it over to toast the other side. Yeah, lots of mess to clear up, and he was 16 at the time, so no excuse for not clearing it up himself.

Here are the pictures from today's great dig.

It doesn't look much different but it is about twice the size it was before. Most of the time is taken up with removing the roots, couch grass, nettle and dock. There is quite a bit of buttercup there as well but that comes up easily. The stupid thing was me thinking it was a good idea to burn the rubbish on the plot, it has got rid of the surface weeds but I now can't see where they were and it seems I burnt everything on the places with the most weeds in. Great...NOT.

I was thinking of hiring one of those digger things but I'm worried about the roots, if they get chopped up they can still grow back. I know that happens with couch grass but I'm not sure about the other plants. Well at least I don't have Horsetail, that really is a problem to get rid of.

If any of you know about the roots please let me know, it might mean I can use a cultivator on the far side with all the brambles even if I can't use it on the side with the couch grass.


  1. If you cultivate where docks,thistles and nettles are you will make matters worse and end up with more weeds I'm afraid. The roots are also likely to just tie themselves around a cultivator. Once the weeds are sorted a cultivator or tiller is great for digging in the future

    Why not pop down some sheets of black plastic over the weedy bits til you get round to digging them over so at least the weeds won't keep growing.

    Don't kill yourself digging over all the plot this year - do what you can bit by bit and think in terms of having it properly cleared in a couple of years.

    1. I thought that would be the case. Will just have to keep on digging.