Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 7

I finally managed to reach the side of the plot. 30ft length now dug, about 12ft wide. It looks like such a lot has been dug over, until I turn round and see how much more needs doing. So for the moment I'm keeping my back to it. That isn't going to be difficult as I now have to start digging across it so it expands slowly down to the brambles, always walking on the undug bit.

So now I'm going to go down B&Q to get some wood so that I can mark out some beds. I'm going to get 2 beds in along the short side, so will hopefully get them in on Friday. I think I might mark out the other beds and only dig these bits over, don't really see the point in digging over the paths between the beds, I have carpet I can put down to supress the weeds and then purhaps put bark chips on top to hide it. I think this will save me a lot of time as it has already taken me ages to dig this bit over. I might feel like I'm getting somewhere then.

The man on the plot next door turned up again today. He doesn't stop talking, spent an hour talking to me stopping me getting the digging done. Would have been home much earlier if he'd left me alone, or only talked to me for a short while. There is enough to do, but I shouldn't moan because he did cut the brambles down for me in the first place (for which I am greatful).

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 6

Another completely knackering day. Looked at what I'd dug today and thought I hadn't done much, then I looked back at the previous photos and changed my mind. I did get through quite a lot. So here is todays lot.

It's not easy to see where the post is but it is just to the left of the black box, so there is only a few foot to go till I get to the end of the plot. Unfortunately it is the short side (30ft) and I still have to take it across the long side (50ft). The photos don't quite show just how large it is.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day 5

Totally knackered today. My back is aching and I got stung, for the first time ever, by stinging nettles. Normally I'm immune to them, it's going down quickly though so no worries. The thing I normally have to worry about is any thing with thorns, you can pretty much guarantee I will get myself all scratched up as well as getting pricked on the fingers.

My son won't come with me, too much like hard work, but when I got home he had done the ironing and put the washing out (time to faint), it reminded me of the time I was at work late and he texted me to say he'd cooked his dinner, cheese on toast, trouble was when I got home I found out he had put the cheese on the bread, toasted the cheese then turned it over to toast the other side. Yeah, lots of mess to clear up, and he was 16 at the time, so no excuse for not clearing it up himself.

Here are the pictures from today's great dig.

It doesn't look much different but it is about twice the size it was before. Most of the time is taken up with removing the roots, couch grass, nettle and dock. There is quite a bit of buttercup there as well but that comes up easily. The stupid thing was me thinking it was a good idea to burn the rubbish on the plot, it has got rid of the surface weeds but I now can't see where they were and it seems I burnt everything on the places with the most weeds in. Great...NOT.

I was thinking of hiring one of those digger things but I'm worried about the roots, if they get chopped up they can still grow back. I know that happens with couch grass but I'm not sure about the other plants. Well at least I don't have Horsetail, that really is a problem to get rid of.

If any of you know about the roots please let me know, it might mean I can use a cultivator on the far side with all the brambles even if I can't use it on the side with the couch grass.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 4

Spent about 3 hours at the plot today. I managed to get digging, a stretch about 12 x 10 ft. It was very hard work, the amount of couch grass roots that had to be removed by hand was horrendous, also included dock and stinging nettles (amazing how they always grow together). Luckily I haven't reached the bit with the bramble roots in as that will take me ages. I thought I would start on the easier side, that way I can at least start planting something up while I wait for the weedkiller to do it's job. Yes, I'm sorry, I do use weedkiller. Wouldn't be able to get rid of all the overgrowth without it and I wanted to get it done before anyone got their crops in, just in case of any over spray.

Here are the photos of the amount I got dug today. Can't get back there until Friday now, lets hope the weather holds out.

I also took a shot of the little stream that runs along side the plot. I will need to get in there and clear out the rubbish once I have the plot sorted, that way the dog can get to it in the summer.

Day 3

I forgot to take pictures on my third day at the allotment but I did manage to get a bit done. The nice man on the next plot cut back all the brambles that were growing three foot into the air. I spent most of the day burning the cuttings and dragging up the carpet that had been put down, the later was very hard as most of the brambles had grown up through it.

You can just about see how much was done in this photo (actually taken on day 4).