Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 2

Didn't take the dog with me today, she was more of a hinderance than a help yesterday. Managed to get 3 hours there, spent most of the time removing the structure at the end. For some wierd reason it was made out of sticks wrapped around with material, a multitude of it. It burnt well. There are still a lot of brambles there, that is going to be very difficult to shift, however, a very nice man from one of the other plots got his hedgecutter and cut some of them down for me.

Managed to mark out 2 sides, yes it was 30 x 50 ft. There is enough carpet hidden under the weeds and I also found a few tyres. There are also quite a few plastic boxes but they may come in useful so I haven't thrown them away. As you can see they are stacked up in the middle of the plot.

I think I have done well so far, will keep going as long as the weather allows. I have never minded the cold or snow but rain gets me down, I think it's wearing glasses that's the main problem, just can't see anything when they get wet.


  1. You've done a lot of work already. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will grow there. I also have a dog that's more of a hindrance when I try to garden. She spends most of the time trying to (and succeeding) escape from our yard.

  2. We found a supermarket trolley and numerous TV aerials on ours.