Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Gooseberry bushes

So I put a call out on freecycle for some fruit bushes & got a reply back for 3 mature gooseberry bushes. Good, Mum loves them & the 2 I found on the plot got killed off by the neighbours. 
So off I trot to collect them. The guy has dug them up & left them out for me to pick up. 

Not sure when he dug them up but they were very dry & very old.

This was the worst one, there was lots of weeds mixed into the roots so I had to pull them all out. I also cut them into smaller bushes & cut loads of dead wood out.

I was left with 3 buckets of waste, but I did end up with 7 very nice bushes. They have all been potted up & watered well. Now to let them grow on a bit before putting them down the plot.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Getting there

Gosh, I've been bad at keeping up with the blog again. It's been a hard slog down the plot & all the weeds are growing back. 

I've put cardboard down to try & help keep them down but brambles are very determined to grow. I intend to put some pumpkins in to help keep it all down.

I have put plastic windows into the greenhouse as we aren't allowed glass in case someone hurts themselves. There is just the large end, 4 triangles and the door to finish off.

I have 2 water barrels that I need to get sorted & hooked up to it.

I have put the first lot of peppers in, the staging looks good although I seem to have ended up with a few bits left over that I didn't know where they went.  

 I also managed to get myself a storage box for free from a friend. I have a baby changing table to go in too (for a potting table) but not sure where I'm going to put it.

The potatoes are coming up nicely, so are the weeds but they should soon get smothered by the potato leaves.

Got the sweetcorn in, put little collars around them to help keep water in & protect them from slugs/snails/mice etc.. I have also put a row of garlic around them (not in pic) that has been waiting to go in since before Christmas.

Next I managed to get my tomatoes in. Again I put little collars around them (cut from plastic bottles). Also more garlic planted around. The tomato plants look a bit yellow in this picture but I think that's where the sun was catching them.

Still loads more to do. All the weeds are coming up, still have to dig the top bit for the beans & need to get the raspberries in, and the broccoli. Never ending, but that's the fun of it.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Greenhouse is up

Phew, what a week. We had lovely sun last week & it was very hard work getting all the sand & pavers down to the plot. This week it's much colder & very windy but I cracked on.

I got the whole frame up on my own, it took a bit figuring out how it went together & I was one piece missing but knew it was a home somewhere (finally found it). I have 10 plastic panes on order, will need some more but in bigger sizes.

I dug over a bit more, so many bramble roots. All the weeds are starting to grow again. I have some cardboard down & will be getting more. Some of the tree stumps are starting to grow so I can now see most of them are Sycamore. They will come out eventually

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Building the greenhouse

I have a few days off work so managed to get down to the plot. Luckily the weather has got so much better, it was 26C according to the car temp.

I had to make several runs down there, first with the wood planks & then with the sand, but i got it sorted. Tomorrow I will take the paving slabs to lie on top.

 I expect I will find a few gifts left by the local cats by the time I get back down tomorrow.

I got a few rows of potatoes in, it wasn't easy as I broke my spade.

This is only one of the bramble roots I have had to dig out. There are loads more.

Hopefully I will be able to pick up some cardboard to cover the end of the plot soon.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Plottin on.

Well after all that snow we had some nice weather so I got down the plot to do some more digging. 

I picked up 40 pavers & have just laid them down on the ground so I can see where I'm going & to help with planning. They are bumpy but I will smooth that out before I finish.

I have dug 25ft by 14ft so far. The lump of concrete goes all the way across the plot, I'm wondering if it's some type of pipe line for the houses nearby.

At least I will have space for the potatoes & sweetcorn. Now to dig somewhere for all the rest to go.

At home I have some plants already growing. Some of the peppers haven't yet germinated, hopefully they will soon. I did sow some more.

Locsei and Pimento have all germinated, Bukaten is 2nd with 80%, Cayenne has only 60% whilst the Tomato Pepper & Kalocsai haven't germinated yet. 

The Indigo on the far right is for my home garden, it produces a blue dye. None of them have germinated yet either.

My tomatoes are doing brilliantly. The Roma is the only one which has 2 that haven't germinated but that's not a problem as there is plenty of time to sow some more.

I have plenty of potatoes chitting. Rooster, Desiree & Maris Piper.

Mum's peas have started, there are lots of gaps where some haven't yet germinated, not sure if I need to wait or re-sow.

I decided to use some fence paint I found in my shed to treat the wooden parts of the shelving for the greenhouse, they look really nice now.

Then it decided to snow again so I've not been able to go plotting all weekend.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Getting plotting

After getting my new plot I had hoped to get started but we had snow. Unfortunately I was one of the only members of staff that managed to get into work so I ended up covering most of the missing ones. But after all that I now have a week off so it's off plotting I go.

I met the 2 men that have the plot next to me, they seem ok.

I lit the fire, it didn't burn very well whilst I was there, until I started to leave & then it was going well, unfortunately we are not allowed to leave a burning fire so I had to put the remains out.

I have been digging. I found a big lump of concrete which is far too big to get out so I have marked where it is & hopefully when I decide on my lay out I can go around it.

It looks like a nice big bit but really it's very small. I am only going to get down to the tree line this year & plant. I have been offered some paving slabs which i will use to make a path down the centre. I want to put the greenhouse halfway down by the tree line, hopefully that will mean I have less trees to get out. It will also split the plot up a bit.

I found some Gooseberries, just 2 plants which have survived but mum will be happy. I can just see some new leaves.

The ground is very soft, so easy to dig, except for all the bramble roots which keep getting in the way. I've lost count the amount of times I tripped over the stubs that have been left from cutting them down.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


I got really lucky & managed to snag myself a free greenhouse. It looked ok in the pictures, the broken panes can always be replaced.

The only thing I couldn't see until I got there was that the previous owners had used putty to hold the panes into the frame.

I think I broke a few more panes getting it down, the plastic has to be thrown away as it's brittle & yellowed. But at least I have a frame.

Or atleast I will have when I finally manage to get the putty off.

Every single piece of frame is covered. So far I have cleaned 3 pieces. All the remaining glass also needs to be cleaned. I may have enough for one side.

There was also 3 lots of staging which is in very good condition & the lady said I could have the pavers the greenhouse was sitting on, so that's all useful.

I cut myself quite badly when one of the panes fell on my head. I'm ok though, should never have done it on my own but I had no one to help.

At home I have sowed some seeds, mainly chilli & tomatoes, I have got some potatoes chitting & collecting toilet tubes like crazy ready for sowing sweetcorn. Oh I also sowed peas for mum in some guttering. Now all I need is warm weather, hurry up spring.